About Us

Olympus Coney Island is located at 43315 Joy rd. Canton Michigan at the corner of Joy and Morten Taylor in the Coventry Commons Shopping Center. Olympus Coney Island was established in 2002 by David Esseily and family. We have been serving the Canton and Plymouth community with pride, honesty, and value since day one. Our employees who some have been with us since day one understand our customers and give our customers a since of home and a confortable place to eat. We serve businesses and families love us. Our daily specials hold a great deal of value and the food is delicious.

We pride ourselves in knowing our regular customers from what is their favorite beverage to what is their favorite hobby. The common phrase you hear at our establishment; It Feels like Cheers Olympus Coney Island is a family oriented restaurant and our customers feel comfortable to bring their families in and we have seen generations of families come in and continue the tradition.


43315 Joy Rd
Canton MI 48187
Coventry Commons Center

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